A complimentary copy, also known as a comp copy, is a free copy of a book that is given to a person or organization for promotional or review purposes. These copies are often used as a way to generate interest and publicity for the book, and are typically given to reviewers, media outlets, or influential people in the industry.

Complimentary copies can be an effective tool for promoting a book, as they allow the recipient to read and review the book before it is released to the public. This can help to generate buzz and positive word-of-mouth, which can ultimately lead to increased sales and exposure for the author and publisher.

At REDSHINE, we provide complimentary copies to our clients as part of our publishing services. This allows our clients to have a physical copy of their book to share with potential reviewers, media outlets, and other influencers in their industry. We believe that these complimentary copies are an important part of the publishing process, and we are committed to helping our clients promote their work and achieve their publishing goals.


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