Don’t judge a book by its cover is a proverb. We interpret this proverb, which we have heard countless times, to imply “don’t be shallow.” However, this is a problem for actual books because a strong book cover can make the difference between a reader choosing to buy a book or not. Your book’s cover plays an important role in giving the reader a general notion of what the book’s main topic is. A captivating book cover will make it quickly fly off the shelf!

Anatomy of a Redshine book cover design

  • Title: The primary focus of your book should be its title. As opposed to going for a brilliant title, try to keep it brief and straightforward because, as you should be aware, you are reading, not writing.
  • Name of the author: Quite evident. And it should give you pride if it’s your first book. However, it shouldn’t be so large that it obscures the title.
  • Front cover: The book cover design’s primary hook is your front cover. It should evoke the feelings you want the reader to have along with the title.
    Only provide a subtitle if necessary. Most romance or thriller books contain two-line subtitles that are just vague enough to pique the reader’s interest in the book.
  • Back Cover: The back cover includes information on the author, a brief summary of the book, and a photo.

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