Every published book is given an ISBN, or International Standard Book Number, which is a special number. A book’s edition, publisher, and physical characteristics, such as trim size, page count, and binding type, are all identified by an ISBN. Distributors, libraries, and merchants can quickly find books using an ISBN. An ISBN is must required to publish an eBook, paperback or hardback.

eBooks’ ISBN
When publishing an eBook with Redshine, an ISBN is not necessary. A 10-digit ASIN (Amazon Standard Identifying Number), which is specific to the eBook and serves as an identification number for the eBook on Amazon, will be given to it once your material has been published on KDP by Redshine.

Paperbacks’ ISBN
To publish your paperback, you need an ISBN. ISBNs issued after 2007 are all 13-digit numbers. You have the option of using a free ISBN provided by Redshine or providing your own. Only Redshine can be used to distribute content to distributors using the free ISBN provided by Redshine. It is incompatible with other publishing platforms or publishers.

Hardcovers’ ISBN
For your hardback to be published, you need an ISBN. 
ISBNs issued after 2007 are all 13-digit numbers. 
You have the option of using free ISBN provided by Redshine or providing your own. 
Only Redshine can be used to distribute content to its distributors using the free ISBN provided by Redshine. 
It is incompatible with other publishing platforms or publishers.

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